Semester II Round II

Well had my second round of classes and tonight the Watch word came down from onh igh to me. The two classes today (one rightly, and one wrongly) gave me the impression of the sense of what “college” is in our modern culture.

The Middle East… the first college class i’ve had in a very long time that has given me homework over. Spending time with the book going through in detail (well general issues detailed by country) about the middle east with some one who works as an “editor” I believe she said at Centcom.

So I have to see if I am as smart as I think I am then huh….

She repeated the story about genetic links to africa… but other then that she didn’t ruin her claim to present facts not opinions in her class.

The second class today has one paper ( but it seemed much more threatening the way he presented it). Leaving the class today I was of the mind I was going to cut that class along with Law and Politics. But i’ve decided against that at this point.

though a 6pm class with an elderly nigerian man… does not inspire one…especially when one lacks some caffine.

I am looking at my master calander with all my projects on it. While in theory the law in politics class wouldn’t tax it. I am very clearly going to need the time i think in the library doing the research on my middle eastern country (turkey) very religously. And I am going to also have to invest me in a loaf of bread to enable me to have lots of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

cause I have to produce a 3-5 page paper per week with a minimum of three sources on turkey.

Welcome to college Mr. Larry….

the Week of 2-13 is going to suck a whole lot.4 tests + a 3-5 page paper means Larry’s brain is going to be hurting a whole lot……

maybe my not having work isn’t that bad after all….

So in review Wealth and Power and The Middle East are definate book buys.

Globalization… well that depends on how lecture day #1 goes tommorrow

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