North Korea’s #1 Elvis impersonator is on the move

Where is everyone’s favorite pint Size Dictator? Is he in China….well he was now he is on his way to Russia. A rumor came out a while ago about Mr. Kim having an assassination attempt made on his person during the big train explosion they had in North Korea a while ago. But Al-Reuters is on the case.

“He passed through China. He left today for Russia,” the source, who requested anonymity, told Reuters.
“He did not meet any (Chinese) leaders,” the source said, adding that Kim may stop over in China on his way home.
The source declined to provide further details.
There was unusually heavy security near the train station in the Chinese border city of Dandong and talk of a special train from North Korea passing through before dawn on Tuesday, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said, quoting a source in the city.
Well is it Mr. Kim? Or is it a high security train? In the world of the pint sized dictator who kidnaps movie stars to service his whims… who really knows?
“The North’s negotiating position has turned for the worse recently,” said Kim Sung-han, a South Korean expert, noting that the reports of Kim’s visit remained speculative.
“And this may be an attempt to seek China’s help in turning things around on issues, including financial sanctions.”

I have to go with the experts here. And If Mr. Kim is a desperate man he may feel that a direct play to Vlad “The Nationalizer” Putin might be able to help him out.

Who knows… lets stay tuned.

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