Could it be because they Suck…. I have to wonder.

Do wonders never cease in the U.K they have Music Psychologists “Hello Mr. Concerto…how do you feel today.” And they seem to think Downloading music makes you apathetic. As some one who is in a social science discipline and the word science –loosely- applies to mine. I look at this study by people who purport to be the hardest of the social sciences and say “wha?”
“The accessibility of music has meant that it is taken for granted and does not require a deep emotional commitment once associated with music appreciation,” said music psychologist Adrian North on Tuesday.

They concluded that because of greater accessibility through mass media, music was nowadays seen more as a commodity that is produced, distributed and consumed like any other.

Here is a thought could the fact music has less of an emotional content be because the industry views the music as a commodity. Could it be that music is so processed down to a science… could that create a product that has less emotion and less metaphysical connection?
“Because so much music of different styles and genres is now so widely available via portable MP3 players and the internet, it is arguable that people now actively use music in everyday listening contexts to a much greater extent than ever before.
“The degree of accessibility and choice has arguably led to a rather passive attitude towards music heard in everyday life.
“In short, our relationship to music in everyday life may well be complex and sophisticated, but it is not necessarily characterised by deep emotional investment.”
Again it could be this… or it could be music is so throw away now, and old music is so easy to access people can now be surrounded by the metaphysic that they were once connected to.
Again… just maybe.

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