The Howard Dean perpetual minority project continues

Good old Loud Howard. He truely is a blogger’s best friend. Sunday I really didn’t feel up to swinging on this but now that it’s digested and I’ve heard the replay I want to put this winner and by winner i mean winner for *ME* from Loud Howard Dean

“This is a Republican finance scandal. There is no evidence that Jack Abramoff ever gave any Democrat any money and we’ve looked through all of the F.E.C. reports to make sure that’s true,” Dean said.

He said Republicans are scared – and should be: “They haven’t told the truth. They have misled the American people, and now it appears they’re stealing from Indian tribes. The Democrats are not involved in this,” Dean insisted.

truely this is such quality Orwellian double speak. It is really of the highest caliber.

two things: Who cares who Jack Abramhoff gives money to out of his own bank account. Jack is a lobbyist

other thing… the money from the tribes that Jack greased the money on… he gave that money to DEMOCRATS

This ranks up there with Howard Dean saying we don’t need to make a plan in the irresponsiblity zone

According to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, “Forty of 45 members of the Democrat Senate Caucus took money from Jack Abramoff, his associates, and Indian tribe clients.

Howard Dean in his dodge shows everything that is the worst right wing stereotype of a “liberal” and shows the same sliminess he points to in republicans.

But this is more of the reasons why Howard Dean is going to be a loser at the end of that monday night in November

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