Semester 2 is on like Donkey Kong

I know this is going to be a dull bit of school blogging because the bulk of my M-W classes are ahead of me and I’ve had class before with Dr. Williams (an awesome prof) but hey got to start the school blogging off some how now don’t I.

I now that I am in a course where its pretty much Junior level and higher see this derth of men stuff that I’ve been hearing and reading about in the world of blog. Though I am in social science courses I thought maybe more and more of this were more on the poli-sci end of the equation

boy was *I* wrong.

Looks like I won’t need the text book for this class till the last third of the year, if then. So I hold off on buying this one till at least first test time.

More school blogging news after I get home and get some food in my gullet

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