I didn’t think I’d post about Pudding Mountain Again

But in an IM with GayPatriotWest he brought something up I want to blog about that involves Bareback Pudding. But only in the loose end of things. Because gene Shalit called one of the charecters a Predator because of the way he stalked down the other part of the pairing…

well it would take Gay Rights group to not think “Well gee if a Man chased a woman down like that it -could be- considered stalking and predatory” I mean why do that when they can do what they’ve proven so adept at of late. Smearing people, attacking the charecter of people who disagree with them, and using that to raise lots of money.

Gene However has a Gay Son and he had some things to say about it.

When I first saw your press release a few days ago my reaction was “goodness, this is silly” and I decided to sit tight and hope it would blow over. But it hasn’t, judging by the e-mails I have received from friends, and the buzz I have seen online. People are concerned about these accusations about my dad, and some bloggers are talking about him as if he is an enemy of gay people. I decided to contact you because there could have been better ways to handle this situation, and I am hurt by your mischaracterization of my father, a man who does not have a molecule of hate in his being. It does not speak well for GLAAD, and it is not helping our community.

I am circulating this out here (and encourage you to read the rest of what Peter Shalit has to say) because some times with the way our pop-culture and politics fuse togther it becomes very hard to see that sometimes things aren’t as simple as loud mouth idiots make them out to be. That some times people are to caught up in their own importance. Gene Shalit didn’t like a movie. And the only difference between him and me is he saw the movie and I won’t (However if some one pays my expenses and a small stipened I’d gladly amend that policy… I’ll see a movie I hate if some one pays me to write about it). But Gene has the right to -not- like the way a charecter is represented.

The gay community groups will mature when they can accept a gay person can be awful and bad, without being a vile and reprehensible stereotype. And you can speak out about some one doing a bad thing without engaging in group think

cause group think is bad children

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