The Anti(gay)Pope

So I plugged along on The Malcontent (haven’t visited in a bit) and had The Washington Blade brought to my attention again.

The reality is The Malconent and the gay Conservative and centrist bloggers ( and the few lefty gay bloggers who are in the right place on this issue) don’t seem to get that “The Washington Blade” and other areas of the gay group identity politics in this country don’t want to focus on issues that matter. They don’t want to focus on issues that impact people who are homosexual they want to focus instead on how the world of homosexuals is horrible and who to blame.

They don’t write for the gay people in the Middle East they write for Gay people in the U.S and Europe and they need to teach them who to hate. Who is responsible for making the world so bad for them even if it just isn’t so.

“His rhetoric is obscene. He wants gays clearly taken care of — it’s almost like the Final Solution,” said Kara Speltz, a Catholic lesbian activist for Soulforce, an organization dedicated to ending anti-gay discrimination within all religions.

Again… look at that Language. They don’t want to say “The Catholic Church agenda isn’t supportive of gay inclusion.” It’s almost like the Final Solution. Pretty clear language and utterly irresponsible for anyone to say it, but acceptable in the world of the Washington Blade because they need to make homosexuals feel a culture of fear is all around them. Because when you feel the evil hetro-spiracy is all around you…. Why you SEE it all around you.

The official “Instruction,” from the Congregation for Catholic Education, stated, “One cannot ignore the negative consequences that can stem from the ordination of people with deeply-rooted homosexual tendencies.”
The “Instruction” also said men “who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture’ cannot be admitted to seminaries.” The only exception would be for those with a “transitory problem” that had been overcome for at least three years.”
In the United States, gay rights groups including the Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force publicly challenged the ban and urged gay Catholics and their allies to speak out against it to local priests and bishops.

The reality is the bulk of the priest sex abuse in the U.S Isn’t Hetrosexual and it isn’t pedophilia. The sex abuse is –homosexual-. Not homosexual in a healthy way but Homosexual. The Lavander Mafia is the term the priest’s use to refer to it internally in the church. When the Gay Culture is seen permissively in seminaries but sexuality is strongly repressed in some people this can lead to an increase of compulsive and predatory sexual behavior.

So why didn’t the church go crack down on that? Why didn’t the church go out and give psych evals of every incoming priest. They can’t do that because not enough people are joining the Priesthood. So they are left with the choice of doing nothing, forcing many people out of the priesthood, or trying to target those whose problems are hardest to defend in court (heterosexual man/woman incidents have a much better track record of defense then those with a child) and are perceived as morally abhorant to the most people.
Why they did it is very easy to understand, but to folks like The Washington Blade and the gay intelligentsia the issue isn’t understanding The issue is promoting fear. The issue isn’t finding a way to make the Catholic community better, the issue is trying to distance people from reality so the policy seems to make no sense to them.

It’s about control of reality

Sam Sinnett, president of the gay Catholic organization Dignity USA, said it was not the people supporting Spain’s public policy who had it wrong when the measure was approved, but rather the church’s hierarchy, which is out of step with the times.
“Their consciences are misinformed,” Sinnett said in May. “They need to learn about social and medical sciences [about homosexuality] and incorporate them into theology.”

The Church is Ignorant from theology because of white Medical and Social Sciences say about Homosexuality. Well Social science is influenced by politics so we toss that out. But the BEST medical Science can say is homosexuals are different in their brains.. but behavior some times makes your brains different.

Instead of speaking from Church doctrine or biblical doctrine to challenge the church’s position though, which would show a sense that they want to be part of a larger catholic community the approach is insult and attack.
Fear and Division.
“That means it has greater influence on all countries,” Sinnett said. “When they use that power to interfere in the politics of another sovereign country, that is incredible.”
I’m not arguing on their ignoring the fact the Vatican is its own sovereign nation ( and thus why it has a UN seat) but the Church isn’t going about interfering in the politics of another sovereign country. It is challenging politics in two countries where the people are mostly Catholic. It is going out and saying “This policy of your leaders goes against the moral sense we have about society.” These people have with their feet (as do those who are making these fallacious and ludicrous assaults) have voted with their favor… he has every right to say it, and people have every right to ignore it. But again a group that claims to be about homosexual Catholics doesn’t try to bring the community together but to show Homosexuals “you aren’t part of the community.” It plays on the fears… it plays on familial memories… it plays on many of the weaknesses of the soul that come as you struggle in a life that challenges the tradition of your family.
It is manipulative, abusive, and just out right evil the way these groups prey on these emotions. You can challenge church policy without promoting fear and division but that is their –power- and they will continue to keep their power.

However in the Malcontent’s comment section we see his entire point illustrated by a comment that is ignorant and foolish and of the same mentality of the Blade article
Robbie, wake up. Who has had more of an impact on gay rights in this country? The Washington Blade is not the NYTimes or the IHT, it doesn’t have an international audience (it barely has an audience here in DC). While I think the whole award is stupid to begin with, I think it has way more relevance to Blade readers than Sharia Law.
And nice job with the religion baiting. I’m sure it’ll do a good job of cranking up your page views, but it’s putting you in the same credibility league as Pat Buchanan and Jean Marie Le Pen.
Posted by: Dan |

Well Dan let me ask you this. When Left-Wing gay rights activists march with people who celebrate Hamas who believes homosexuals should be executed which has a bigger impact on Gay Americans? When Gay Americans support politics that embrace from the communist states to Islamo-Fascist states that murder their fellow homosexuals in their nations what has a bigger impact on the lives of homosexuals
Is it A) THE POPE who will be ignored by the civil society they live in, and even by most Catholics
Or is it B) I endorse and help support states and groups which murder homosexuals all around the globe.
One choice promotes making homosexuals feel like fearful second class citizens in their own land, and One choice makes homosexuals feel like they have a chance to bring to light a great crime in the world and bring the moral voice of the United States and the World to bare on that important issue.
It’s about Fear and Power. I love you guys on Gaypatriot, Gay Orbit, The Malcontent and the other gay blog’s I’m known to read but you guys need to accept that the “gay rights movement” is about exhorting power from you, and giving you nothing.
If the Gay Rights movements went to the largest employers in the United States and Said “If we work together on pushing for gay marriage or civil unions nationally here is the impact you could see on your company.” Instead of taking responsibility and taking power those groups promote fear, they promote division and they do so because that gives them power.
Do you trust these people with that kind of power? If you keep doing that stuff like this will continue

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