End of the game

Well I guessed the score difference right at least.

This game was all about Good Coaching and Good Defense. Chris Simms and the Buc’s offense made few mistakes which was good…..

Unforntunately the Mistakes were the ones that helped the Red Skins get those first 14 points and stay ahead.

This game was all about Defense and Coaching… the Only thing Tampa could have done better was a defensive touch down which of course would have made this game for Tampa.

I do have to say if Gruden can keep this team togther Buc’s will be a top tier team.

We do however sadly need an O-Line.

So I give the Seahawks their game but this puts New York and Carolina into an intresting place.

The Seahawks( who I will be rooting for) have to face whomever makes it past the bears.

I think the Bears can crunch the giants, but not the panthers.

Recievers need to do a better job.

However Defense still does what makes Tampa Bay a legend.

I think Coach Gruden needs another season and I hope he gets it. I think he’ll get his chance for his next superbowl in 06-07

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