Book of Daniel X

Daniel finds out that his sister-in-law is a lesbian but that her brother in law and sister in law were doing some Polyamory.

The Catholic-Mafia Aliance continues to work on the money.

The Dad is now in a manga as “Super Priest” and his mom is some kind of dominatrix… and I’m thinking it implies she is Jewish or was Jewish.

The son, unlike the father and the daughter doesn’t want his gay-ness to be his central identity. So finally with all but 12 minutes left we see something resembling a human charecter in the Gay Son who was barely featured.

The Two Bishop’s drinking after their moment of lovemaking but before he heads back to his wife who isn’t there;……

“Why do I feel so guilty”

Ummm DUDE your openly having relations with a woman who aint yer wife.

*rolls eyes* good giblit gravy

The Priest pulls a mortgage on his home as his “solution” to solve the debt he owes to the church as the Asian kid goes off for a car rendevous at night and we see the second moment of real humanity in the charecters finally. As the “I hate yellow people” Mom drives away…

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