Book of Daniel VII

The Right Rev. Questions Daniel about the money going missing…. but ignores him popping his pain killers.

And the Bishop drops the bomb on him in front of earshot of anyone with in a short distance.

The Bishop catches him with his Hill Billie Heroin and pops a pill herself. Going just like his daughter pushing the drugs.

And his daughter while going on her community service finds some one who made 2g’s off of selling Pirated copies of Star Wars

again so utterly implausable.

So she now has a source for her animation programs with some haxxoring… and some pot.

And the Right. Rev. is dating a woman while his wife is losing her mind from old-timers…..

And now in the middle of the family dinner the son tries to tell his grand father he is gay… and the sister-in-law and her “special friend” show up.

Jesus explains to him that his hiding from his dad that his son is gay is all about him….DUH

Mother with Alzheimers is a really horrifcally bad streotype of the illness… not so much the regression but utter randomness of things.

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