Which to pick…..

Hmmm who should I listen to about Supreme court nominees should it be the A.B.A?

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito has received a well qualified rating from the American Bar Association.
The ABA Wednesday said its 15-member Standing committee voted unanimously, with one recusal, to give Alito the group’s highest rating.

Or favorite kicking boy of right wing bloggers everywhere Howard Dean?
I oppose Judge Alito’s nomination. I want to be proud of our government again. That can only happen if the rule of law, and the integrity that it requires, are clearly foremost in the consideration of every decision made by the court. There are simply too many writings in Judge Alito’s record currying favor with the extreme right that show a willingness to favor government power over individual liberties. How can we believe that he will put aside his personal beliefs and keep an open mind when he has already broken one promise made to the American people? America needs strength now, and America needs a Supreme Court where personal and political considerations do not appear to influence any decision at any time. Judge Alito’s nomination must be rejected. And if President Bush could find it in his heart, he needs to nominate someone to the court who will bring us together, not continue to drive us apart.
I am thinking the A.B.A on this one…… How about the rest of you?

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