For you kids who think Florida is a conservative state

Not the third branch of government (From Al-Press via an email)

Florida High Court: School Vouchers Unconstitutional

Thursday, January 05, 2006

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida Supreme Court struck down a statewide voucher system Thursday that allowed children to attend private schools at taxpayer expense — a program Gov. Jeb Bush considered one of his proudest achievements.

It was the nation’s first statewide voucher program.

In a 5-2 ruling, the high court said the program undermines the public schools and violates the Florida Constitution’s requirement of a uniform system of free public education.

took them 7 years to get this law declared unconstitutional in state court.

and yet a UNIFORM system of free public education…hmmmm

money given to kids to get a system of education of compairable value while the public district improves

and of course this fool shows he doesn’t know kids

“Students using vouchers will now be welcomed back into Florida public schools,” Meyer said in a statement. “It decides with finality that the voucher program is unconstitutional.”

“Your parents let you bail out while the school became a rat infested ****hole around the rest of us.”

yeah kids are going to love them.

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