Ken Misses the point

My Buddy Ken Kerns says CNN is missing the point. But Ken misses the point in the words of the Man who is the ray of sunshine for the Democrats in 2006

Schumer, the head of Senate Democrats’ campaign efforts, said Tuesday he is focusing on seven states where he believes they can take GOP-held Senate seats in 2006: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, and Arizona.

“If the stars align right we could actually take back the Senate,” Schumer said.

If the stars Allign right.

Bacus, the open seat in Tennessee, and Arizona I really doubt. Tennessee especially with the current climate around the Ford family.

Missouri and Ohio only are going to work if the stench in the state house travels to the Senate… thats not a good bet.

Rhode Island and Pennsylvania are likely but as likely as Maryland and Minnesota

I heards me this talk in ’02 and ’04

not bloody likely

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