Loud Howard does it again

Much as Rev. Al Sharpton has endorsed well the only thing to call a 372% intrest loan is Usury I had to wonder when would the next democrat doing a “for me, but not for thee” moment would be.

Gubernatorial records became an issue in presidential politics in 2004. Democrat
Howard Dean, who ran for president, came under criticism because he had some records in Vermont sealed when he left office as that state’s governor in 2003. In November, the state Supreme Court ruled that Dean had acted legally.

I want you to save that little nugget first. 2007, after the 2006 elections would be the 4 year anniversary of when Howard Dean did that record sealing. Howard’s sealing of records is quite simply one of the more offensive things in my mind a politician running for the highest office in this nation can do. But while Howard feels he should not be accountable for his actions, what does howard feel about the shoe on the foot of other people?

Democratic National Committee requested public records from state agencies on their dealings with Gov. Mitt Romney, who may run for president in 2008. His spokesman called it the work of a “dirty tricks attack squad.”

The DNC is seeking similar records on at least 10 other potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, spokesman Luis Miranda said.

Now me I believe if you are a running for President I believe any records that don’t control some one’s life or death, or aren’t classified should be open to the public eye.

I have absolutely no problem with what the DNC is doing. The problem I have is that in the 2004 election both Howard Dean and John Kerry hid, obfuscate, or obscured aspects of their own records. The republicans however presented all availible records that were asked for. This is -wrong-. The media which is austensiablly our public watchdog should be vigorously pursuing the Democrats for not making their records public.

The fact the Howard Dean lead DNC is seeking these records before any Governor or Senator can do the dispicable actions Governor Dean himself did in 2003 is also something that should get some serious national outrage.

The Romney people did however have something to say which i do -sort of- agree with

Daly’s letters request that any fees be waived, but Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said fulfilling the requests wills cost tens of thousands of dollars.

“Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for the Democratic National Committee to put its dirty tricks attack squad to work against Mitt Romney, so we’ll bill them for it,” Fehrnstrom said.

I think 4 years as governor means a heck of a long paper trail. I think if the Democrats or some other organization wants a massive (I.E all of them) number of copies they should have to pay

but paying for their sin of huberis and Hypocricy is something Howard Dean and the DNC never seem to have to do.

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