Dear ACLU;

You guys did it to yourself and I’m not sorry.

Sober heads told you going after the “Karl Rove” Leak of Valerie Plame’s name would come back and bite you in the Arse. By trying to pull out all sorts of facts which embarass the government would lead to this kind of backlash.

While we are seeing how the sausage of American media works because of your pursuit of political attacks and those of your ilk their will no longer be a free press examining the abuses of clandestine services that will come eventually. What George Bush is doing right now isn’t an abuse but since the ability of the media to be a 4th branch that has the power to check the government you now lose the ability to know what a man or woman with far less ethics will do in that situation.

Some day a big Whistle Blower will find a way to drop his information out to the media and we will see true freedom in this country has been gutted because of your irresponsible hatred and pursuit of politics over civil liberties

“Our nation is strengthened, not weakened, by those whistleblowers who are courageous enough to speak out on violations of the law,” Romero said.

Yes it is. So just as a pornographer like Larry Flint has to have his freedom of Speech a government officer so long as their isn’t a serious loss of life needs the ability to leak information for partisan and bogus means because if they get caught under the gun of the prosecutors then so will a legitimate whistle blower

You guys have made this country a little bit worse by your irresponsible actions. What comes next is on your heads

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