Comedy Central has no spine (with some spoilers)

South Park is a show that goes out and insults just about everyone. They are crude and offensive. Anyone not knowing this raise your hands… Ok good. But the Dogooders in the Catholic Leauge have applied pressure and Comedy Central buckled. Why by putting pressure on a board member.


The Catholic League also sought a personal condemnation from Viacom board member Joseph A. Califano Jr., who the group noted is a “practicing Catholic.”

Califano was only too happy to oblige. After viewing the episode, he released a statement calling the episode an “appalling and disgusting portrayal of the Virgin Mary.”

“It is particularly troubling to me as a Roman Catholic that the segment has run on the eve and day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a holy day for Roman Catholics,” Califano said.

Califano also pledged to have Viacom president and CEO Tom Freston review the episode.

The timing on the Feast day of the Immaculate Conception…. probably really bad. But it was not a portrayal of the Virgin Mary. It was a plot decive. “Miracles” in the Church often bleed out of statues. The “Miracle” was a tool to show that A.A. and its use of religion. It was also a tool to point out the silliness of calling alcoholism a disease when their are more serious diseases (like cancer)

However to remove the miraculous plot device in a way that was -funny-

and I have to say I sure as heck can’t think of another way to make a bleeding statue funny.

So screw you catholic leauge for ruining south park, and screw you comedy central for not understanding a joke.

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