A email i sent out on an issue I take seriously

Whenever some one complains about the Cosby’s, or Ozzy and Harriet this stream of rantology comes to my head

I didn’t have an ideal childhood, not like Tv depicts it with the
Cosby show ect. I was always dodging my father….if he was around
things sucked.

[Sets up soap box]

I am tired of people saying “My child wasn’t ideal like tv shows” and I am tired of it for a simple reason. TV ISN’T REAL LIFE~! Even reality TV isn’t real life. You know why we have the idiot box …. I’ll tell you why. You have a hard day at work, you go to the TV and you watch the TV and you either see an ideal world where people make it work (or have a better life then you) or a world where people screw up worse then you and you can get some Schadenfreude out of it.

And while the Cosby kids had a pretty sweet life they also did very dramatic stupid things, of which the parents would help them solve and thus they learned a lesson….because that makes good tv and not a reality. Reality is parents and kids spending far more days doing nothing signifigant around the house…

Just as seeing people smoking on TV doesn’t make me say “Well why isn’t he coughing or getting cancer.” because it is a TV SHOW. Its not “hey tv smoking has no consequences or responsibilities so I can do it to.” Nope that is not the real answer either.

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