Larry learns some new words (this may not be safe for work…)

** WARNING #1** The following may not be safe for work
**WARNING #2** The following may be very gross

Normally I don’t go to…. but I was looking for a definition of Oculotictus (Licking a partner’s eyeball) and I found a complete list of sexual terms that ….. well lets just say even I found weird

so let me share with you some of the pain I now have in my head

this is not the whole list just the ones that shocked/disturbed me

Agalmatophilia Arousal from statues or manikins
Amomaxiphilia Arousal from sex in a parked car
Amaurophilia Arousal from blindfolds or arousal from a blind sexual partner
Androminetophilia Arousal from female partners whom dress like males
Antholagnia Arousal from smelling flowers
Anthropophagy Arousal from consuming human flesh or blood
Archnephilia Arousal from spiders
Chezolagnia Masturbating while defecating
Coprplagnia Arousal from eating excrement
Dendrophilia Arousal from tree or fertility worship of them
Dysmorphophilia Arousal from deformed or physically imparted partners
Electrophilia Arousal from electrical stimulus
Eproctolagniac Arousal from flatulence
Emetophilia Arousal from vomit or vomiting
Flatuphilia Arousal from having partner pass gas
Galateism Sexual attraction to statues
Hierophilia Arousal from sacred objects
Homilophilia Arousal from giving or hearing sermons
Hybristophilia Arousal from being with someone that has committed a crime
Iantronudia Arousal from exposing oneself to a physician
Oculophilia Arousal from eyes
Oculotictus Licking a partner’s eyeball
Odontophilia Arousal from teeth
Psycholagny Arousal from psychic or mental stimulation
Siderodromophilia Arousal from trains
Taphephilia Arousal from being buried alive
Teledildonics Arousal from computer sex games
Zelophilia Arousal from being jealousy

and people made words for these


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