more religous theme’d fun from the email box

Expanding your spiritual experience is a long, slow process. Sometimes the process takes a quantum leap and one feels a noticeable, dramatic change. More often, the process moves slowly, with hardly an overwhelming moment. Only after a few months or years have passed will you be able to look back upon your experience and say, ‘Yes, I have grown’…..
The birth of a soul does not come easily. The chick must fight to break out of its shell, the salmon must jump the rapids before it can spawn, the caterpillar must die before the butterfly can emerge.
After a transformation so momentous, you deserve a ritual. A ritual of tranformasion is one of religion’s primary raisons d’être. Without such a ritual, the transformation itself is incomplete. The ritual declares to God, to your community and to yourself, that on many levels a change of status has occured…..You already know but the ritual insures that you know you know.
Rituals of transformation are programmed experiences, or psychodramas designed to facilitate the experience of transformation.”

– William Blank (Torah, Tarot & Tantra)

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