Kyoto Protocol…nothing to see here

It’s all the US’s fault


well no, not really (Independent Online)

Although the US is portrayed as the ecological villain for refusing to sign up to the agreement, 10 out of the 15 European Union signatories – including Ireland, Italy and Spain – will miss their targets without urgent action, the Institute for Public Policy Research found.

France, Greece and Germany are given “amber warnings” and will only achieve the objectives if planned policies are successfully carried out.

but of course…..this is not what the envirowhackjobs are concerned about. Yes some how we can force the global temperature up…wait for it… yep we can’t cool it off.

Tony Grayling, the institute’s associate director, said the world was near the point of no return on climate change. “We have little time left to start reducing global greenhouse gas emissions before irreparable damage is done.

unreasonable goals and fearmongering

good times

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