2005 prediction Recap and review

Well that wasn’t very good

I made some 2005 predictions and now on to the how that worked out
My goal with this and my 2006 Predictions is to get myself into a refined Predictor.

#1.I will be at least 10 pounds lighter then my current weight as of 12-31-04
Prediction: UTTER failure. I am half way there but I haven’t really shifted a whole bunch
#2. I will end my 5 year cold streak on sexual intercourse
Prediction: ABJECT failure
#3. I will be enrolled in the University of South Florida and attending classes full time
Prediction: Accurate…WOOHOO
#4. I will (g-d willing) have a regular lady friend
Prediction: Jury is still out…
#5. The “second term curse” event against george bush will come out some time during the later part of 2005. It will ( most likely) have to do with the Iraq war, but it could be a smoking gun on the “Draft Dodger” Charge.
Prediction: Failure… but not for lack of trying
#6. Senators Allen, Frist, Mccain, Hagel, and etc. Who are jockeying for the Presidential void being left by the lack of a clear successor for Bush will make the President’s agenda slow down to a halt in the senate. -Intelligence reform, immigration reform, Tax reform, Social Security reform, etc will all be held hostage by a lack of a clear heir.
Prediction: I am claiming victory here.
#7. While Violence in Iraq won’t decrease much, they will pull off an election and a government with some sunni parties and the Shia unity ticket will form a National Unity styled government. This will be the “End of the Bad News” Period in Iraq. Unless you work for the main stream media
Prediction: Dead on
#8. Iran will continue to Shake down europe for Nuclear Black mail. But they will slow down their atomic bomb research enough that the US and Israel aren’t forced to blow their stuff up.
Under Jury Review
#9. Osama will still be “At-Large”
Prediction: Total victory
#10. Kim Jung Il will be removed from office. A Military coup will oust him in an effort to actually get their country into the 14th century.
Prediction: Utter failure…. Man what the heck was I thinking
#11. Democrats will not do well in the wacky “2005” elections. A Washington Statesque scenario will go down in NJ. I don’t predict the world will change radically by the election night in 2005, but the democrats won’t be doing as well as they did in 1997 or 1993.
Wow that was a good call until I saw how utterly horrendous the Republicans in those weird year elections did…..thanks a lot guys
#12. I will be functionally literate in Arabic
I am more literate in Arabic then fantasia barino is in English… I call success
#13. Powell will have a book that is Kissinger/Macnamaraesque about his DepState Tenture.
I missed on this one.
#14. Afghanistan will continue to have progress and no one will bother to report it
Success here to
#15. Rudy and Hillary will have some advance slash and burn work done on them to keep them out of the 08 race.
I call partial credit here though I am sending this to the judges
#16. CBS will Stall the release of the rathergate report until (A) they name a replacement and (b) its time to run the “Dan Rather retrospective” stories. the report will be highly sanitized and No one with a major name in the Scandal (Rather, Moonvies, Mapes) will get more then a slap on the wrist
Was right on MOST of this (sorry Ms. Mapes)
#17. Don Rumsfield will resign as soon as he has a face saving moment to resign, and the ability to spin it that he resigned on his time table.
#18. Bill O’Reilly will have more “Sex Scandals” come out of the works. and some form of Scandal Buzz will start around Sean Hannity.
No Sean O’Hannity perversion
No more Bill Sex Scandals
#19. Michael Jackson’s trial will not start until late in 2005, if not early in 2006. He will start to auction off the beatles catalog to pay for his mounting legal fee’s and Sir. Paul gets his revenge
Wrong all around though my end result ended up coming true it seems
#20. Another Major Media scandal will break. This time it will hit an Organization at such a level it will be Dead to the audience.
Partial Credit: Many broke but no one cared.
#21. Blogs will become trendy and hip.. 2005 will be the year blogs both become mainstream and jump the shark amongst Nerds.
While blogging is not yet trendy nor hip, it is now jumped the shark fully with nerds so partial credit
#22. Howard Stern will not make Sirus the next big thing afterall.
Jury is still out, hold over till 2006
#23. Bush will pick a safe replacement for the Chief Justice’s seat.
Hi John Roberts –for the win-
#24. Alberto Will be the Ashcroft of confirmation hearings. Allot of Democrat sound and fury, and a largely bi-partisan vote of support.
Bipartisan…not so much. Sound and fury very much
#25. Michael Moore’s next documentary (Sicko) will actually have very few fraudlent techniques used, softening his critics up for his next ( more political) Work
Held over for 2006
#26. The first federal court will award damages in a “Mcdonald’s made me fat” lawsuit. It will be overturned but the harbinger of doom comes over fast food
THANK GOD I was wrong
#27. The First challenge to FDMA will come up. the Mormon church will get a hedge position ready just in case government makes gay marriage legal
#28. Pro-Wrestling will go even lower, until HHH gets caught cheating on his wife and is promptly fired by Vince. 2006 will be a come back year for the WWE
Failed..utterly failed
#29. Colts win the Superbowl.. Dungy showing no love to the eagles
Colts winning/Going…held over till 06 no love to the eagles…FAILED
#30. Hockey won’t have their labor problems resolved
#31. Two airlines will go belly up, serious talk of Nationalizing the airline industry will come up.
#32. The Passion of The Christ and F9-11 will both get next to no oscar nominations.
Aha… Victory is mine
#33. “Lame Duck President” articles will become the cause celeb amongst the main stream media
Got this won
#34. a backlash will occur against all the Uber PC moves by the FCC.. things will go back to some semblance of normalicy in 2006
#35. A Major “Gay” celebrity will reveal he really isn’t gay. that he claimed to be gay for marketing his career
#36. Bush will break out his first Veto
SADLY I failed here
#37. Iranian civil disobedience will still get no media coverage
#38. Bush will begin to ignore more and more the crack down on demonstrators and christians in china.. the base will stay civil until the 06 elections. But the seeds for a “outsider” republican in 08 will be laid in in 05
I call his token finger wagging in china the first half of this as a success. The second half is held over till 2006
#39. Kofi Annan will attempt to scuttle the Investigation of the Oil-For-food scandal and get caught. He will resign in disgrace. Both the US and China backed canidates will lose out to a as yet unknown dark horse reformer
#40. Tommy Lee will be diagnosed as HIV positive
#41. Pope John paul will some how live 365 more days
#42. Abbas wins the Palestinian elections, with Jimmy Carter’s seal of approval but widespread voter intimidation and fraud recognized by every other observer. This will begin a civil war in the Palestinian Authority
#43. The Gaza disengagement will Kill Ariel Sharon politically, and force him to call for elections after it is completed
Partial Victory… He is dead to Likud, and if his attempt to be “the third way” doesn’t work in 06 then it is total victory
#44. Labor and Likud will both lose out in the new elections to a new party formed to “reform” the nation of Israel
Partial Credit: If Sharon pulls it off full credit here
#45. the death toll when all is said and done from the Tsunami’s, plauges, and destruction of the nations effected will reach 1 million
#46. In either Germany or Canada a Pro-American party will win control of the government
-PARTIAL CREDIT- She almost won and is holding on by hand holding the Anti-American party

Weirdness of weirdness I was both absolutely wrong and absolutely right
#47. The RNC Chairman will be (falsely) outed as gay
No false outing… or real outing. Just lots of rumors about it. Failure time
#48. Howard Dean will not become DNC chair
Loudly failed
#49. The catholic church will stop the hemoraging over kiddy sex scandals
Held over till 06
#50. And people will still complain that christmas is to commercialized like they have since the 19th century
Another win
Full credit:10
Partial Credit:8
Held over/Sent to the judges: 10
Failure: 22

Not bad, but not real good either

50 more predictions will go onto the chart for Predict 06…. But who will win? Who will lose?

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