Another farce in outsourcing

Outsourcing of US IT work, and Insourcing of foriegn IT workers by US companies. According to this article by the World Tribune much of that is bunk.

Friday, December 23, 2005

China’s rapid economic expansion has allowed Beijing to fund a recruitment drive targeting some of the best and brightest IT graduates from U.S. universities, according to Chinese sources.

In turn, this brain trust is being used by China both as a control on its own Internet revolution and as a potential resource for North Korea’ cyberwar program.

South Korea’s defense ministry said North Korean hackers are targeting the most tightly-guarded systems of that country’s main foes to extract intelligence information and to spread viruses capable of wiping out material or, at least, slowing down computers.

Ignore the North Korea part for a moment. China which pays much less for IT workers is flying IT grads into china and being competative with IT firms here in the US which pay massive amounts more in money.

I wonder how many IT workers who couldn’t get a job in the US because American IT companies are importing folks from INDIA are now signing off on job offers from the Big Red Yuan

One Hong Kong-based specialist said China has a budget for hiring the best IT graduates from U.S. universities to monitor and control Internet news reporting, and useage within its own borders as well as for a national security resource. “They’ve got the money, and they are spending it,” he said.

I really would like to see more about who is getting hired, and if the Americans are willing to go to China to be the executioners of the freedoms of the chinesse people do we have an American people who will stand up any more.

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