The Catholic Church may redefine Honesty

Been buisy this morning so we’re kicking out a late start for monday posting with this gem from the Holy Roman Catholic Church

Attorneys for victims in Oregon told Perris on Friday they wanted to ask Levada whether he would rely on the so-called doctrine of “mental reservation” when answering questions at the deposition.

The Catholic church teaches it is a sin to tell a lie, but the doctrine of mental reservation allows for circumstances when it may be better to avoid the truth in order to serve a higher purpose.

Kelly Clark, an attorney for several victims, argued the questions could put Levada in the position of deciding whether his answers must be balanced between federal law and his moral obligations under church doctrine.

If the Archbishop takes this route we have a serious problem here. And with an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god…. I got to think that trumps things because they are swearing to god.

Anyone out there know how the church views this?

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