Mexico…we have a problem

Dear The Government of Mexico:

You have for some time benifited from the fact our border situation allows all sorts of folks to flood into the United States. go visit hospitals in Arizona/New Mexico/And Texas and the stories of illegal aliens is bad. Almost as bad are stories out of the Hospitals in Florida and California.

You want to keep the regime going but some money quotes I found in this article kinda sorta show what you are wanting to do. You see by pretty much coming out and saying you want unrestrained illegal immigation will ensure it will never happen.

In a radio interview, Luis Ernesto Derbez said U.S. legislators who approved the bill were turning a blind eye to the contributions millions of migrants from Mexico and elsewhere make to America’s economy and culture.

the use of Migrant is a nice bit of an Orwellian touch there.

Fox has for years called for an immigration agreement with Washington granting some form of legal status to Mexicans who sneak into U.S. territory in search of work.

if that is a policy matter of the Mexican government, how can we expect them to respect us?

and since we put money to help with border enforcement for Mexico’s southern border in CAFTA we know Mexico doesn’t view that as a policy for themselves.

So Mexican government please remember this. We ‘Mericans don’t like folks who have a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude

try another approach

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