Loud Howard: Culture of Corruption Edition

We all know one thing prevents a culture of Corruption and that is openness, and allowing people to be held accountable. Loud Howard and the Democrats have pushed that point a whole lot. But when the time came to show how much Howard Dean earns their was a distinct lack of transparency

(Washington Post)

Howard Dean, Mehlman’s counterpart at the Democratic National Committee, is paid $4,392 biweekly, which adds up to a yearly salary of approximately $114,000. A DNC spokesman said Dean’s yearly salary is significantly higher than the public figure, which is his pay after withholdings. Unlike the RNC, the Democrats would not release Dean’s exact salary and would say only that it is commensurate with what the senior staff at the committee earns.

“There are lots of things [Dean] could do in the private sector where he could make a whole lot more money than he does now,” the spokesman said.

Dear Tool at the DNC:

That is not the point. The point is that if you are campaigning on “Democrats are the Honest party” when Ken Melhman will show how much he earns and you won’t it continues to show the Democrats as the “Say one thing and do another” party it shows that they are afraid to admit that Howard Dean is something he admits to himself “A Rich White guy”

And I hate to Say it but in this debate Terry Mac -IF what he says is true- Is perhaps the only stand up guy in all this

Terence R. McAuliffe, who headed the DNC from 2001 through early this year, never accepted a salary — the only chairman of either national party to do so, he maintains.

McAuliffe explains his decision with an anecdote. The DNC staff would often bring returned direct-mail pitches to the chairman’s office with “crumpled-up dollar bills” from senior citizens giving what they could, he recalls. “I wasn’t going to have these old ladies paying my salary,” McAuliffe adds. Left unsaid is that he came to the DNC post already a multimillionaire; he made stacks of cash in the early 1990s as one of the chief fundraisers for President Bill Clinton, among others.

Left unsaid by WashPost hackery -MOST- people who can come to head a National Party org have so much wealth they never ever ever have to worry about their finances.An exception is the current RNC chair ( though in Reality once Ken walks away from the chairman’s post he has boatloads of cash waiting for him)

Dean is a trust fund kid and a former Doctor, yet they try to cut him as more populist then Terry Mac.

And why does Howard Dean a child of Trust fund privilege, a former Doctor then Former governor with a wife who is a doctor

the most ludicrous reason imaginable….. which we love Howard for

Even so, a DNC spokesman said that Dean’s decision to draw a salary is the result of his having two children in college. “He is still someone who needs to provide for his family,” the aide said. “No one has said anything, and I don’t think he was concerned anyone would.”

So from the Ethos of Terry Mac, Howard Dean will take crumpled up dollar bills from little old ladies to pay his kids college while he rests on comfortable wealth few Americans will ever reach

good job showing honest government Howard

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