Sharon has a stroke

Arik Sharon according to legend was told by the Lubbavitcher Rebbi that if he became Prime Minister Israel would be dominated by blood.

It has been said any Prime Minister who gives up an inch of Israeli land gets pushed out of office and never returns

and into that we get this bit of news from the Jerusalem Post.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem after suffering a mild stroke on Sunday evening.

Deputy director of the hospital, Prof. Yuval Weiss related in a press conference that the prime minister remained conscious continuously since his arrival at 7:50 p.m. That announcement contradicted earlier rumors, according to which, Sharon lost consciousness on the way to the hospital and had to be brought in on a stretcher. Other sources revealed that the prime minister walked into the trauma room on his own.

Weiss added that Sharon’s condition improved during his hospitalization. The hospital official noted that the prime minister did not require any invasive procedures. He was sent to the internal medicine department and although he was to remain in Hadassah overnight, he was expected to be released in the morning.

The prime minister was taken directly to the VIP section of the hospital’s trauma room, probably because of its higher security precautions. Meanwhile, Hadassah was closed off to civilian entry by special police forces. The senior medical staff of the hospital was called in to treat him. Neurologists on staff were already looking after the prime minister.

Ehud Olmert who is I think a member of Kadima will have to put the first election in Israeli history dominated by the post-zionist generation…….

and I think if thats the hand of god in this situation Israel will be better off

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