War on Smokers

((Disclaimer: I’m a non smoker… been around smokers all my life.))

I love to laugh at folks who say “Oh they will never try to make smoking illegal in our homes.”

As the assault on Smoker’s rights to slowly kill themselves is trying to force all smoking out of the work place, legal discrimination of hiring in smokers this lovely fascistic –we know how to handle your body better then you do- attitude is now coming into peoples homes.

Yep, no smoking in your homes folks. The Mooninite Washington Times has the story.

 Their efforts so far have contributed to regulations in three states — Maine, Oklahoma and Vermont — forbidding foster parents from smoking around children. Parental smoking also has become a critical point in some child-custody cases, including ones in Virginia and Maryland.

Smoke and lose your kids. Let’s not talk about the bogus science that justified the whole second hand smoke malarkey. Let’s put aside the whole bogus statistics that they try to use to justify second hand smoke as being that deadly.

They are coming after people through their children. This is a new form of demonstrable evil on the part of the Anti-Smoking Nazi’s.

Mr. Banzhaf, also a professor of public interest law at George Washington University, said most complaints are made by nonsmoking ex-spouses, although some are filed by neighbors, relatives and physicians.

Just think piss off some one and they can say “She smokes” to the anti-smoking secret police and you lose your kids. I am a big believer in building a community where everyone is together, to me a neighborhood where everyone is spying on everyone is the exact opposite.

And now for the ludicrous nugget of “Justification”

   She said children have a “more protective status” and that laws should protect children from secondhand smoke just as they are protected from parents and guardians who drink excessively or use drugs.

So how exactly is second hand smoke, which while not being healthy for you is no where near as bad as seeing mommy or daddy drunk, having to see mommy or daddy in a violent mood from drugs or drink…. How can any rational person put them together in the same pod?

And, what government entity in all this seems to have a sensible approach? The District of Columbia of all places.
People who smoke are not barred from becoming foster parents,” she said. “However, we are careful about children who have certain medical conditions. We would not, for example, place a child who has asthma in the home of a smoking foster parent. We are careful about those issues.”

Well…. DUH!

Government when it gets big just keeps trying to invade things like a virus. And if you let big government take over and control every aspect of a citizens life like it is with these smokers you end up with the kind of government that will invade every aspect of your life.

We need to keep big government in check or we’ll have a government that tells us when we can go to the bathroom

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