Obligatory NSA spying post

And now we of course get to the latest “controversy” in the War on President Bush. I’d call it the war on terror but this isn’t really the war causing the controversy.

A lot of people are uppity about the fact the NSA has monitored the telephone conversations of about 30 people. This is not the thing you should be worried about, because for years the NSA has been monitoring every single phone call in the world that is transmitted over the air/via satellites. For many years longer then President Bush has been President.

In the past calls of US civilians have been picked up when they are with persons who are overseas and do bad things. Normally the NSA will then go hand over this information to the FBI, Intelligence courts, and other folks and let them run with the ball. What’s happening here is the White House in the spirit of the patriot act is telling them to just save those calls and monitor them as opposed to dumping them like 90% of the phone calls the NSA records.

Just as we’ve spied on British citizens for the British government they have spied on us as well.

Now the fun part of this story and what I believe to be the most blog worthy is that Bush told congressional leaders (thanks Al-Press)

Without identifying specific lawmakers, Bush said congressional leaders have been briefed more than a dozen times on the program’s activities.

The most logical suspects are the “Gang of 8” leadership in the house and senate, and leadership of house and senate intelligence committees

However since I am not an Al-Press reporter I didn’t get to make the basic phone call on the subject….

But then again why ask questions that take away from the theme of the story “Bushitlermchaliburton attacks Civil liberties again”

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