not google whoring honest

I love two types of Radio Talk Radio and Metalish Radio… but I was reading Gay Orbit attack some one over Anal Sex and my love of talk radio kicked in… And I get into putting up a defense for good blogger and media figure Mickey Kaus as well….

So Anal Sex and Talk Radio with blogging… three things I like. So let me start off first with the Comment Mickey Kaus got blasted for

According to Kaus, people have an aversion to anal sex because it is – and I quote – unsanitary. After an in-depth discussion with his guest about the “genetic nature of homophobia,” Kaus decided to call out the “elephant in the room.” This elephant is, according to Kaus, the downright “dirtiness” of anal sex. He even asked his guest (rhetorically, I might add) “when has anal sex ever been sanitary”?

First of the entire unsanitary component I think while an aspect, doesn’t explain the nature of homophobia at all (and of course Homophobia isn’t a phobia either… but that’s a whole other argument) I was listening to Lionel and Dr. Drew on two separate occasions and I think I can make a much better biological “why there is an aversion to male homosexuality” with a chaser of Why everyone likes lesbians better. (And no I am not mentioning Anal Sex and Lesbians just to improve my Google ranking)

Dr. Drew was talking about a study he was in that did MRI’s of the brain as men looked at porn. He said that exposure to the male genitals in an aroused position triggered areas of the aggression and anger center of your brain in heterosexual males. Now what do animals do some times with other animals to assert dominance… yep male on male sexual dominance. And how about when two males are in a fight over a female.…yep more genital exposure here.
Dr. Drew didn’t go with this sexual theory… he left it hanging but it does a great deal to explain being “Prison gay” and then being “relatively” straight.

Lionel then went on to propose in an unrelated radio show that sexual desire/sense of sexual attraction in women may have a biological component based on the need to have a food related intimacy with your mother.

So the needs of biological survival (attacking the incurring male, and the survival of the female) are tied into human perceptions of homosexuality… and I think those urges have a lot more to do with feelings about homosexuality then sanity sex.

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