Marginally talented musician trashes America

Surely the Guardian wouldn’t be talking about it… Not the Al-Guardian….

She is a happier person than she was, but she doesn’t think America’s changed at all when it comes to race relations. “The blacker you are, the worse it is for you. If you’re mixed, you’ve got a shot. If you cater to what white America wants you to do and how they want you to look, you can survive. But if you want to be yourself, and try to do things that fit you, and your skin, nobody cares about that. At the end of the day, white America dominates and rules. And it’s racist.”

Hmmmmmm Clarence Thomas Vs. Thurgood Marshall

In fact most of the conservative Blacks I know are Amistad dark people, and the lighter folks like Jesse Jackson are out to steal some more money. In fact Malcolm X was a quadroon

but…. Martin was pretty dark

so maybe by making sweeping generalizations -you- are being racisist to

Just maybe?

Now, what is better is the Guardian proves to me that yet again Europeans are ignorant as Americans

She was very active in the Hurricane Katrina benefits; the tragedy struck a particular chord, since it happened not that far from where her grandmother used to have her to stay, in Savannah, Georgia. “All I can remember is her going, ‘Put some clothes on! You all put some clothes on!’

Yes Savannah is not far from New Orleans……..


But anyway we see a Marginally talented America entertainer going off to another country, trashing America to sell records

which suck

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