the #1 Baby Momma

When I first saw “The Superficial” On Ankle Biting Pundits I knew it was a great site, and full of much that was humorous. Now I get to flesh out one of their posts into a Inside Larry’s Head moment.

Now let me start off by saying I don’t like American Idol…. I had a very brief moment of caring about American Idol when it looked like that long haired guy was going to win. I’d also like to state I despise reality TV and would hate it more if I didn’t have cable and don’t consider the “Winners” real celebrities (unless it’s a reality show about celebrities lives melting down).

So one of the most loathsome in my mind reality show stars has just went down a notch in the hierarchy of decent human beings

Yes that would be fantasia. I didn’t like her singing (thank you Simpsons for forcing that on me), I didn’t like the look of her in the whole “this is some one the media elites think I should care about” way…. And I really didn’t like what she stood for.

Fantasia was all about the Baby momma’s… Fantasia was out to get them some more respect in society. As we later learned she was illiterate, which makes her desire to get respect for others who made poor life choices even more awful. She wants to lend strength to those who went out, had sex and then got pregnant and chose instead of forming a family unit for the child chose to start the child’s life off dysfunctional with a relationship with a part time dad with partial money who may like a bee have that relationship with two or three other women in the ‘hood.

Women who have made this mistake need to be told they should be strong and improve their life…instead of giving it up for the baby mommas

So how has this woman taken this world and made it a little worse? This barely celebrity has gotten out of Jury duty because “it took to long”… and you may ask why did the Judge let this stupidity pass… well The Judge is a fan

Keller said he was among the court employees who had their picture snapped with the celebrity juror.
“She’s just really nice, down to earth,” he said. “Not at all what you’d expect.”

A down to earth person would have asked to be excused –before- the trial started due to her obligations. A down to earth person would have said “Let me try and reschedule”

She is acting all Whitney Houston when…wait, at the rate Whitney Houston is going that’s actual a goal she can achieve.

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