A mini intro since I may be getting some guests here soon

And as I continue to shake my fist at the gods my life just continues to get more and more interesting….I’ve gone a while not posting about certain things here while blogging so I think I am going to go off into more details on that.

(mainly my little songbird has sent some folks my way and I want to get a post more about me on here)

I am dancing a bit in a circle when it is coming to the affairs of the heart…. Or is it a spiral? It’s hard to tell some days to be truthful. And don’t worry my songbird this is a good statement. She and I have gone further with our emotions and our feelings then we ever have before. We haven’t made any forward momentum yet but the feeling of things now it doesn’t bother me that we’ve not moved forward yet.

I’m not sure why we are still using pseudonyms for each other at the moment either… but it’s what she needs to do at this point and I can understand it.

All sorts of folks tell me I should be cautious bringing some one back into my heart but … when you have a almost total form of love and you have a chance not only to get it back, but to have it better I’m not sure what else to say but that I had to try.

I babble some times here about religion and spirituality issues to… throw out tons of stuff from Okcupid.

I’m not sure what else to say about myself right now… I’ll be trying to talk more about me here soon.

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