Tookie Christ

What do Davids Medienkritik and Get Religion have in common today?

Both are talking about the Religious angle on the Tookie Williams Execution. And what fascinates me much as I said you can find a religious justification to execute Tookie… the forces of Secularization and de-religionizing of American society are misquoting Religion widely to get there.

First from David’s site some ignorant German Tool.

Thou shalt not kill?  The violent American society that has surrounded the war against terror in the aura of a holy war has by and large suspended the Fifth Commandment

Ok there Manfred lets start off with something

Killing is not forbidden in the 5th commandment at all. The Fifth Commandment in the original Hebrew prohibits murder. Homicide can be sinful as can killing some one in war, but war is never murder to the original Hebrew ethics and not all homicides are murder (and if you need proof of that Carlos Mencia has a whole routine on it..)

Now I am not going to go with how Manfred is promoting lies about what happened in New Orleans (I guess only the fictional biblical prohibition on killing, and not on baring false witness matters to Manfred)

Now over at Get Religion we get to see Jamie Foxx tossing out the fake religiousity

“The first thing you learn from the Bible is about forgiveness,” actor Jamie Foxx told CNN in criticizing Schwarzenegger’s decision. Foxx portrayed Williams in “Redemption,” a made-for-television movie.

Ummm Jamie, I don’t know about you but back when I was in the Christian children mill the first thing they taught us was about Jesus being born in a manger….

Secondly, what exactly can you forgive of a man who does not –ask- for forgiveness…indeed does not admit he did anything wrong? How can you forgive?

Some tool  however in the state legislature made it worse however

“It would be refreshing to see the state articulate the values of grace, mercy and redemption,” Leno said. “Unfortunately, the governor has missed an opportunity to do just that.”

Ok…. Let us start from top to bottom about why this statement is idiotic
IF you believe in grace in the Christian sense of the word (and no Jewish concept really exists for grace) then you know Grace is granted by –god- in particular by god through the sacrifice of Christ.
So, is this man implying that the state of California is in some way shape or form Jesus?

Next we go take a look at mercy and redemption: these two factors went hand in hand. Tookie Williams never made a real effort to atone and seek Redemption.

And the Govinator pretty much agreed with me there in a way that goes not just to his Catholic teachings, but to the teachings I’d guess of Assemblyman Leno

Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption,” Schwarzenegger said. “In this case, the one thing that would be the clearest indication of complete remorse and full redemption is the one thing Williams will not do.”

Or in 12 step terms “the first step is to admit you have a problem”

The problem here is people who want to embrace religion without realizing in the old saying of Rush Limbaugh “Words mean things”

Religion has a meaning, and you can’t pick at the body of religion to find a way to call people hypocrites because you just show your ignorance and bias

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