Loud Howard does it yet again

I think all Center-Right bloggers should start every morning with this simple declaration “Thank god for Howard Dean”

Let’s show why I am thanking god for Loud Howard today.

“Governor Ehrlich promised Marylanders that he would end the politics of division and personal attacks,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said in a press release yesterday. “Instead of honoring this promise, he has hired Bo Harmon, who launched one of the most virulent and offensive political attacks against former Georgia Senator Max Cleland, a decorated war veteran and triple amputee who served his country valiantly in Vietnam.”

Emphasis added to point out the John Kerryism of this attack.

Max Cleland didn’t lose because of the infamous Osama commercial we’ve all heard about. Put that out of your mind for a moment while I tell you something shocking. Georgia is becoming a reliably Republican state. And during the time the voters became more and more members of tribe GOP Max Cleland carried water for the party leadership of the DNC.

Max Cleland as he was drifting more center-left the state of Georgia was drifting more center-right. This is not how a candidate remains in office. The fact Howard Dean has to stress this infamous commercial shows they didn’t learn their lesson in 72 in 80, 84, 88, or most recently 04. While Dirty Tricks can tip the ball into the hoop you still have to make the jump shot. Lee Atwater didn’t steal the election nor did Diebold. In the contest of ideas people found your ideas lacking. Period.

Dirty campaign acts may sit in the belly like a bad bowl of meat, they rarely do anyone in. And when they do its because some one is unwilling to change with his times.

Sadly MAX gets into the mix

Cleland said he was “disappointed” in Ehrlich’s choice. “Four years ago, Mr. Harmon ran the nastiest campaign I have ever seen in 35 years of politics, against me, attacking my patriotism and my integrity,” he said.

Max you have done far more damage to your own patriotism and integrity. The man who fought like a beast for the suffering vets in the V.A system that you were earned you the respect of this nation as a patriot. The fact you can’t let go of an election you lost shows a lack of character and integrity which justifies the distorted claims you make about these commercials as absolute truth.

No where in that commercial did it say “Max Cleland isn’t patriotic” it questioned your political choices for our national defense. Just as it is patriotic to question the conduct of a war and even the justification of a war, so to is it patriotic to question those who always sound the call of less military and less national defense. You should be ashamed for using your war wounds and your medals to some how place your conduct and opinion beyond approach or challenge. That is so un-American it sickens me to think a man who conducts him self in such a manner was ever an elected official.

In their attack on the governor of Maryland we see the very worst of the Democratic Party. The “we know better, you are too stupid to know what to do” elitist attitude… Every party has their slime-mongering advertisers but to some how say you are the pure white lamb is so insulting it proves once again your party doesn’t deserve the offices of trust, profit, or honor in this republic.

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