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Now to take Shameless advantage of the and their use of Technorati tags I am going to mock further the position of the DNC. (Thank yee ABP of BDP flavoring)

So let me first take a little statement of opinion here. I fully support more nuclear, more wind, more coal gasification, more etc… if it diversifies our energy usage –I- be for it. However the key to the plan is how stupid the democrats are about it.
Let’s start of first with guy who thinks he is running for President “Fast” Eddie Rendell.

Rendell cited Brazil, which has slashed its dependence on crude by making fuel from sugar cane and by producing cars that run on gasoline or ethanol. “If Brazil can do it, so can we,” he Rendell.

First problem:
Where do you think the plants from Biomass come from? What do you think fuels the tractors and what not that harvest them?

Would it be oil?

How about the petroleum additives in fertilizers and other farm aids?

Oil again… wow~!

So Biomass/Ethanol fuel when placed in that large a usage depends on more use of oil based fuels.

Second Problem:
Short of advancing Hydrogen Fuel cells the “solutions” in the plan only lead to ……. That’s right, MORE usage of oil.

Now A more diverse energy plan –Can- Work but… here comes the problem the plan doesn’t give money to fluffy groups to force money into the Democratic party pressure groups like farmers.

Tax incentives to anyone who puts a Solar Panel on their home to aid in water heating or uses some of the new advanced industrial techniques for water heating which use less water.

Tax and regulatory Incentives to convert every power plant over to Nuclear.

Incentives to build coal gasification plants.

Tax and regulatory incentives to build new fuel refineries


But these ideas benefit capitalists who don’t deliver votes for the Democrats.

So, once again politics trumps policy and political tribalism trumps what’s best for America.

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