A response to a pro-tookie emailer in a spiritual group

You know some Buddhists and Hindu’s support capital Punishment?
Under the system of Judaic ethics Capital Punishment for a just reason is lawful and ethical.

It is only the Christian faith that has taught that killing is wrong in this fashion…. Not that it is a bad thing but you want to look at a multi-path judgement on the spirituality of his killing lets be honest.

they believe sometimes the actions done in a single lifetime are to much for a soul to undo in a single lifetime.

Tookie Williams created a system which has lead to suffering of every urban community in the United States.

He birthed a system which not only advocated murder, but often advocated the murder of innocent people as an initiatory rite system

More often then not the people killed in those barbaric rites were teachers and those who made a real difference to the community.

That Karma was on Tookie William’s soul. But in Prison up until it became clear that the executioner would finally come to him he continued to perpetuate murders, and a system of evil.

Tookie Williams could have used his influence to bring peace to untold thousands of families who lost loved ones to the system of evil he created. He did not.

He could have told where the bodies of people missing, and presumed dead, on his order were. He did not.

He could have ended the crips as a system which perpetuated evil and murder in this country. He did not.

He perpetuated a system that brought drugs into the community and sold them to small children.

Tookie Williams committed acts of demonstrable evil, He continued to commit those acts until such time as it was clear that he would finally face the consequences for those actions.

and even then he said a book that barely sold a thousand copies was worth the lives of 4 people he was convicted of killing, and the untold other murders he committed that he was never tried for.

He said the (at the most) 200 kids who heard his antigang message some how made up for not only brutally murdering people, but bragging and laughing about it.

In the end Tookie’s attempt to cling to life shows the very deep Karma to which some followers of the Buddah would see as a justification for Capital Punishment.

I tend to be a gadfly here because people here assume only political option is of spiritual value. I pointed out that in two spiritual systems which form the foundation of “New Age” spirituality you could very easily find spiritual justification in the Death at the hands of the state of Tookie Williams.

People overstate the case for the good he has done because he is a cause celeb among a certain political spectrum. His “good” is vastly overstated and his coldness to the suffering not only of the victims of his own crimes, but to the victims of the Crips gang as a whole. The only fair thing is to address the reality.

Tookie Williams was a man who did a great deal of evil in this world. A man who didn’t make anything resembling an attempt to mitigate or make up for his evil. But he became a cause celeb and in a culture that is more and more celebrity obsessed the truth of his case is ignored because of his fame.

His victims deserve better
the victims of the Crips gang deserve better
and any honest spiritual value judgement about Tookie Williams deserves better.

Tookie Williams lawyer tried to pursue clemancy and pursue appeals for Tookie Williams.Had he just sought clemancy it might have worked, Had he just sought an appeal it might have worked but both wouldn’t

that in the end sums up the life of Tookie Williams. Trying to play every angle and failing to reach a goal of good and just living

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