With Family like these, who needs enemies

I like Harold Ford. I thought if anyone could take the State of Tennessee back into the Democratic column it’s this “I was Barak Obama before Barak Obama” member of the US house. However I think his family is going to screw the pooch for him.

Election records of a September special election that put Ophelia Ford in a state Senate seat show that someone may have used the name of a man who had been dead for six weeks to vote.
Ford, a Democrat, beat Republican challenger Terry Roland by 13 votes in a race in which 8,750 ballots were cast. The election was to replace Ford’s brother John Ford, who resigned in May after being indicted on bribery charges.

I am sorry but this is the key especially with some one who is part of a political Clan to push him out of the running.
Sorry Harold, better luck next time.

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