Syrian government R Smart

Ahhh the Syrian government. You get in trouble for the “alleged” car bombing execution of a anti-Syria former PM. You get in Major trouble with the UN. Now the same week new evidence comes out in a report suggesting you did it… an Anti-Syria journalist in Lebanon gets blowed up…

You see Arafat was a smart dictator. He let Palestinian mobs do what they wanted unless it would get him in a lot of trouble. Which is why the folks cheering the attacks on 9-11 all got thrown in Palestinian jails for a few days… And it is a Sad day when the leader of a much better dictatorship doesn’t get that.

And sadly the claims of a front group in their claims of responsibility expose Syria’s hand.

A previously unknown group called “Strugglers for the Unity and Freedom of the Levant” claimed responsibility for the killing in a statement faxed to Reuters, saying the same fate awaited other opponents of “Arabism” in Lebanon.

Pan-Arabism is a philosophy of the Baathists in iraq, the Baathist’s in Syria, and the Nasserites in Egypt…..

This is clearly a good thing for you to have happen. Way to blow it Syria

This part makes it even worse for Syria

Tueni, a fierce critic of Syria’s policies in Lebanon who was elected to parliament this year, said in August he believed he was on a hit list for assassination. He had spent much of his time since then in Paris, but returned to Beirut late on Sunday.

Some one who believes he is on a hit list for Assassinations should be treated with the same threat by the Syrian government that Don Corleone said in his call to end the reprisals in the Godfather movies

Basher is not a good dictator. .

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