Sacrifice for the Greater good…

What could possibly go wrong? ( the AP wouldn’t know that’s for sure)

Yep the economy is taking a nice tick up (It still has a few issues, but it is improving) and what does John “Two America’s” Edwards (A.k.a Johnny One speech) say

“There is a hunger in America, a hunger for a sense of national community, a hunger for something big and important and inspirational that they all can be involved in,”

Uhhhh… Huh?

“Americans don’t want to believe that they are out there on an island all alone,”

Hey Johnny… you know very few Americans think our country is an island… Most of us know we have America Jr. Up north, and AmeriMex (soon to be America part III)

So he is actually advocating that the federal government and its chief advocate The Democrat National Central Committee take over it.

Hey governor of Iowa what do you say?

“What’s happening in this country is we’re losing our sense of common purpose,” Vilsack told Florida Democrats. “We’re losing a sense of community.”

DUDE where have you been? When Kids don’t go outside and play…. when less people are “joiners” and belong to civic institutions (Like boy scouts, Church, the Masonic lodge)…. Hell when parents don’t even raise their kids anymore putting that Job on day care how the heck to you expect a sense of community to exist?

Where have you guys been?

He said 40% of the children in this country don’t believe in the American dream… hmm, I wonder why that is? Could it be because you teach that the country was stolen and raped away from its owners? That capitalism, the engine of the American dream is destroying the world? Ya think maybe that’s it?

Now I am the first one to admit our founding fathers were nothing but a bunch of tax cheats, land swindlers, and scoundrels…. But we were enlightened scoundrels which was a heck of a lot better then the scoundrels in absolute monarchies, who didn’t change until they saw –our- example.

And Governor Warner shows why he has the chops to get elected president.

“My biggest concern isn’t what (Bush) has done. It’s what he hasn’t done — that he has never called on that spirit to make America great,” Warner said.

That’s right. Imagine right now if George Bush had during his major full court press leveled with the folks getting social security now, and those on the cusp of social security right now something like this.

“Today we have to make a choice, support the system we have today and deprive your grand children and great grand children the lifestyles that you in your heart want them to have or work together to see to it that every generation of Americans prosper.”

That is leadership, and that is something this president and the Republicans have been lacking, and the only folks lacking it more lately has been the Democratic party.

And they end the article with this great Orwellian statement from Barak Obama

“It has to do with individuals,” he said, “but it also has to do with community.”

Government is not the Community. Government is an aspect of the community… maybe some times the strongest and most influential aspect of the community but not the most important.

And what I find about this article which is really great is the headline for it.

Democrats Test Themes for `06 and `08

Not “Democrats advocate stronger communities”
Not “Democrats present plan for a better America”

They are testing themes. That means that even to the Al-Press writer it was clear they didn’t mean it. It was clear they didn’t have an idea on how to make communities better.

It was and is simply a stunt.

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