Over on Ankle biting Pundits and over on Powerline we have a big “John McCain isn’t that bad” push going on from D.C power brokers.

Talking about how 06 will be a bad year for the Republicans….

Only the Democratic Senate campaign is raising money and keeping a ad position standard to actually compete with the Republicans (thanks to the utter incompetence of Liddy Dole, the perennial insider) Shows me one of many reasons they don’t get it….

John McCain much like Hillary won’t win the 08 primaries because (amongst other things) He has the wrong stand on immigration. He is like a cut of the same cloth as our current President on the immigration issue. He’s going to be too old, and likely not anywhere near healthy enough. We need a standard bearer to fight the good fight (which the Democrats are showing they can’t do) for 8 years, and John’s health will make him 81 if he runs in 08 and wins relection in 12.

McCain embraced Mama Moonbat… and he is quite frankly being out McCain’d by Chuck Hagel.

CroakerNorge in the ABP comment section points out the cold Hard Reality

“2004Bush – not so much of a DC insider. WinnerKerry – What the …? LOSER!. DC insider. Though he did beat DC outsider Dean for the nomination.2000Al Gore – House of Representatives, ultimate DC insider. Loser. Competion in the primary – Bradley, another DC insiderBush – Governor of Texas, not much of an insider, in spite of his father. Winner. Beat insider McCain.1996Clinton – DC insider at this point. Winner. However, his competition wasDole – very DC insider. Loser1992Clinton – very DC outside. Winner. Primary competition: Harkin, Tsongas, both DC insidersBush I – Very, very insider. Lost1988 – Bush 1 – very insider. won on Reagan’s coattailsDukakis – What the… Outsider. Loser 1984Reagan – ultimate outsider. WinnerMondale – Ultimate insider. LOSER!!!1980Reagan – ultimate outsider. WinnerCarter – what the ….. Loser, loser, loser.1976Carter – very outsider. Winner (?)Ford – Very insider. Loser1972Nixon – Still an outsider in Washington. WinnerMcGovern – More insider than Nixon. Loser”

D.C Insiders are bringing us massive spending, bringing us the white flag democrats, bringing us the nasty partisanship that we are dealing with in our system of government to this day.

The party that out-outsiders the other will win.

Just like all the smart people who say Hillary is going to be the nominee this John McCain talk is relying on the name…..

Clinton didn’t have a name though he had been a prominent governor for umpteen years in Arkansas.
Bush had a name, but not his –own- name.

Ronnie wasn’t the man of the establishment…..

McCain won’t win and unless something big changes –soon- the democrats won’t do good in 06 ( the republicans may do mediocre)

No John Boy, No Hilda-beast

That’s all we have to take as bedrock’s for ‘08

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