Gay cowboys eating pudding II

Gay cowboys eating pudding and exploring their sexuality, who would think after Matt and Trey, made that a punch line that some one would make it into a movie? And Ann Althouse is on the case as Hollyweird tries to hide what they wrought on the Movie going audience. Some Gay voices in the blogospheroid have some negative thoughts about Hollyweird’s avoidance syndrome but truth be told… Hollywood just doesn’t get how to make good movies. When they make good movies they don’t try to do it right next time, they try do dumb the films down to some mad libs styled formulae without realizing making art isn’t formula… it is well ART

I was told I should actually see the movie before casting judgement on it… I say Pish~! Look at who is on the Marquis. Ang lee; Ruined his strong reputation in Hollywood with “The Hulk” Heath Ledger and Jake Gylinhardnametospellorpronounce also have been billed as the “next big thing” only to fizzle. All three of these men are using the gay angle to pump people into theaters, and to show how they are “edgy” and thus put a hot injection into their career. Heath and Jake are piss poor actors, on a good day, so their being involved in this gambit with Ang is a trifecta. Much as people wouldn’t admit until I pointed out how it was unbiblical that The Passion was, that it simply was a very very very bad movie…… people –especially liberal or gay people- will likewise irrationally defend this movie. Because this movie rather ham handedly plays into the identity politics that dominate American culture today.

They included Ms. “Princess Diaries/Ella Enchanted” to try to drag the romance oriented women into the film. And the other female lead has made some of her career bones on trying to sell politics through films.

This film was meant to play people, meant to play on the folks who feel they need to be progressive and like gay films because gays have gotten such a hard shift in life. The film critics have been rolling out more and more lubricated reviews over the years to try to get people in to the declining state of the American cinema because they like the Music Industry just don’t get it.

People are ditching movies because movies have become soulless abominations. Anything that lifts the spirit or challenges the cultural voices of the time (not necessarily the cultural attitudes)… we see films that are so similar it numbs the palate. Films that break out like “The Incredibles” do so by challenging the mold of what’s expected. As the movie exercise often costs as much as the DVD we don’t want to see warmed up tripe or titillation like saying Sh** on television. We want something good.

This is just looking at how the movie is set up. We have critics who are pliable because they know if people don’t watch movies (especially artistic oscar drek movies) they won’t have a job. A studio willing to use homosexuals to reboot three careers… and maybe make some money off it to.

You can make a love story that happens to be about homosexuals. A great movie was done on that subject (albeit throwing in some transgendered issues to). The point is you show the depths of other kinds of love ( not friendship, but the other kinds of love that the greeks told us about… except man/boy love which is just gross) and then you put on the intimate love. You seduce the audience as the characters do their dance of seduction. Instead this film is about sexual politics, and the politics surrounding homosexuality. They take what is a great warm fuzzy idea and sell people on it, then callously sell other angles to try to distract from the fact this movie is simply a terrible film.

The critics talk about the “uncomfortable kissing” scene… uncomfortable intimate scenes…. If Hollywood put those scenes together with the same way they uncomfortably try to show the human spirit in entertainment…. As an absurd simplification it just shows that Hollywood sucks

Watch old DVD’s…. and don’t see films unless they are films no one thinks can succeed like Serenity… because those films actually have a shot at being good.

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