An email I sent to a Yahoo group about the war in Iraq

The White house should hire me to defend the war

> i don´t want to start an argument, but really it´s been said that
> this war
> is all about oil. Nothing else.

And that’s an argument that falls apart not just when you look at where the
oil from Iraq goes ( the vast majority of the oil-even to this day- goes to
nations that didn’t support the war in Iraq) and that the War in Iraq spiked
the oil rates but didn’t raise the overall rate of profit for the oil
companies ( though that may be do more to the labor crisis in Nigeria and
the costs that has put on the oil industry to this day)

The truth is that’s an argument presented by folks who don’t want to take a
real in depth examination of what was going on. In the world of politics (
and sadly this is not a US phenomena) Advertising logic reigns. “No War for
Oil” is catchy, each word in it has just one syllable and it evokes (sadly)
all the stereotypes the world has about the middle east.

Saddam Hussein in addition to supporting terrorism had a network of bribes
for decades to Arab media outlets. He bribed the media to make him be the
new Saladin against the vile western crusader of the United States-Israel

Saddam butchered millions of people,Gassed people, and committed atrocities
that puts him in the select club of the evilest dictators in the world.

Saddam was well on his way to a Nuclear weapon and was devising a method to
ship it into Tel-Aviv for his 50th birthday ( according to the former head
of his atomic weapons program). The Israeli’s stopped that nightmare from
happening by blowing up the research facility.

He gassed Iranians in the Iran/Iraq war. In Kuwait he ordered all the horses
and animals in the zoo to be butchered on the troops way out of town.

Their are few people in this world who were utterly as evil as Saddam. And
you know what it is to the every lasting shame that France, Germany, Russia,
and China did business with the man (despite what you’ve heard the United
States was never a significant trading partner with Iraq). It is to the
everlasting shame of those US companies (such as Haliburton) that profited
through European subsidiaries off of such unspeakable human evil. It is also
to the ever lasting shame of the world community only the charge of “Weapons
of Mass Destruction” could unify a sufficient public force to remove him
from power.

Great tyrants of the world aren’t removed by their people. Its never
happened in the history of mankind. Armies invade, Coups happen, or pressure
from the outside of another nature (boycotts/embargoes/etc) force them to

The murder of millions wasn’t enough to force a global boycott. And their
was no real boycott in the end as under oil for food Iraq could sell more
oil then their highest production total of oil and through a series of
maneuvers Saddam as his last crime against his people didn’t buy them food
or medicine.

Oil was a part of the picture, but the only ones who profited from that oil
were those who tried to stop the war and guarantee the servitude of the
Iraqi people to a unspeakable evil force in this world.

You have been told that this is a part of war against terrorism, but
> honestly it is not.

Actually that is debatable.

The United States government has no evidence that the Prague meeting with
Atta didn’t happen (and has no evidence that it did). The only person who
would know about the scope of that incident and other crimes of terror
planned in Europe against VOA sites is currently held by the US government.
The Czech Authorities have been refused access to him.

Evidence that officers of the Feddayin Saddam were present at the Malaysia
meeting where the final details of the September 11th attacks have been
raised by some sources and remain unverified.

However in two separate incidents by the Al-Qaeda network former Iraqi
Intelligence officers worked as agents of Al-Qaeda.

When Usama was a nobody in the game of International Terrorism the head of
Saddam’s external intelligence service went to visit him in Khartoum.

Saddam funded the families of Suicide bombers in the Palestinian territories
which killed numerous Americans with Dual American/Israeli
citizenship.Hegave free medical care (when his own people were being
deprived of medical
care) to Palestinian terrorist who killed Israeli women and children

The mastermind of the Achile Lauro incident was living in Baghdad and
running his terrorist organization from there.

He funded Terrorist groups in both Iraqi Kurdish regions and Kurdish regions
in Iran and Turkey.

He funded terrorist groups going after the Iranian government.

Thats just what he did, and thats what I can get access to using News
sources. Having access to government data may make the picture even worse.
To try to paint a simple picture doesn’t get into the reality.

Saddam has supported terrorists, and he has supported these terrorists as
part of his own foriegn policy agenda and his agenda to become the new
Saladin. He would continue to do so. Now eventually the old UN regime was
going to go down and Saddam was going to go back to producing his chemical
and biological weapons.. these things could happen so it was part of the

I don´t see anyone bombing or attacking Ireland, and there has been
> terrorists there for decades.

#1) The terrorists in Ireland were very different then terrorists in the
middle east. Whom gets targeted was hugely different to the IRA then to
say the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. This has to do with different ethics of
Just war, and killing that are part of the religions. ( while christianity
and islam both condem killing they do so in different ways)
#2)The Irish state never supported actions of the IRA after they were
granted independence by the UK. Now then, Individual Irish citizens (and
Irish-American families to) did support the IRA. And that was a major reason
neither Ireland, nor the United States targeted those people agressively.
#3)Terrorism prior to the soviet union was often sponsored and supported as
part of Soviet foriegn policy. As such an agressive move against a terrorist
group like the IRA could lead to a soviet escalation of some sort. Likewise
a move against Fatah (which was organized through a KGB agenda at the 64
Arab leauge meeting and trained by the Romanian secret police) would have
lead to similar problems.

..But then again there isn´t any oil there.

We don’t know where all the oil in the world is… there could very well be.

Anyway , I don´t want start any big depate on this, it isn´t my people at
> war…so not really my place to say anything.

Your people since the second world war have been neutral (and due to the
politics of the time that is natural) but odds are highly good that your
people won’t be neutral for much longer. Russian military incursions into
Finnish airspace is scaring your government. So you’ll be part of this
system yourself eventually. How do you feel about that?

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