Jesse Jackson

As many right wingers are patting themselves on the back that Jesse has gotten into the fray

See, this is non partisan…

On that note let me address some other Moral issues and where Jesse has been on them

The State of Illegitimate childbirth’s in the African-American Community: Anyone need a road map to find Jesse on that one? Nope didn’t think so

The Woefully poor performance of schools in mostly black areas, and the Clinton administrations loss of BILLIONS of dollars to help inner city kids learn how to read: Hmmm No Jesse

The fact black culture encourages kids to talk and act in a way that would make it harder for them to advance: Hmmm No Jesse

Bill Cosby’s call to get Black Parents active in their Children’s education: **cricket cricket**

The attacks on The Cos for said Call to action: **cricket cricket**

The Brutal Massacre of Christian Africans in the Sudan: **cricket Cricket**

Aiding Michael Jackson in saying “I’m not a child molestor… they just hate me cause i am a strong black man ( that looks like a white woman)”: Hey i found Jesse

Aiding black kids who were punished for monsterous behavior in the schools, and bullying the school system to get those kids back in -and aid some greedy RDDB in suing them-: Hey Look it’s Jesse again

Prominent democrats embracing racism and racial issues ( the Chris Dodd and Robert KKK Byrd show): Hmmm No Jesse there either

Or Howard Dean’s Rascist Joke: Hmmm No Jesse

Or Kwesie Mfume getting pushed out of the NAACP for trying to make it Non Partisan: No Jesse

When DCFS lost allot of children, primarily black, from their system. And when the folks responsible for that neglagence got away with a slap on the wrist: **cricket cricket**

When John Kerry had no prominent African Americans in his Inner circle: No Jesse, but Sharpton was there.

How about praise for the growing African-American Middle Class: Hmm No Jesse

Getting Kickbacks from big corperations: Hey here’s Jesse

The Destruction of the African-American family: remember where he was on illegitimacy… yeah

On abortion: Jesse doesn’t Err on the side of Life there

I think you guys might want to take a moment and think about this before patting yourselves on the back

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