The plot thickens

The bloggers ( and drudge, unless he has a source at Washington Post) tracked down where the fax came from.

While CBS allowed a woman to assert that Lt.COl. Killian had a huge secret file which his family said he didn’t keep ( and was out of charecter)

Dan Rather doesn’t find his families perspective credible but a woman who has openly expressed herself as a bush hater.. heck put her on

and cbs is claiming their document experts have all verified the documents ( 3 say more left)

there is a Disgruntled Lt. Col. near the Abiline Texas Kinko’s this is being traced to.. he had two mental break downs around the time he claimed to have seen the bush memos get destroyed at the state guard hq in austin, a fact no one else saw.

Newsweek already has said this is the big source for Rather, and if thats the case he has killed his career. and quite possibly killed John Kerry’s shot at the white house

and Via “THe Kerry Spot” at National Review Online


The Blogosphere has resources like nobody else.

Blogger and radio talk show host Kevin McCullough:

JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH ABILENE KINKOS: Bill Burkett has a standing account with the Kinkos in Abilene Texas, and while the lady who answered the phone would not be more specific she did say Burkett was in there last week – she waited on him on last (a week ago) Tuesday….

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