Open letter to Todd Eastham

What’s your plan for parenting & educating all the unwanted children you people want to bring into the world? Who will pay for policing our streets & maintaining the prisons needed to contain them when you, their parents & the system fail them? Oh, sorry. All that money has been earmarked to pay off the Bush deficit. Give me a frigging break, will you?

Dear Todd;

while not a member of National right to life, or any anti-abortion group i have to point out a flaw in your logic.

Your assuming that these children will be born anyway, i think thats a silly assumption. Because to be able to make a legal ban on abortions happen, we would have to make alot of societal changes occur. During the process of such a transition it may be possible that people realize they have a soverignty over their own bodies, and should excersise it.

Just a thought

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